Customer Reviews

Heidi L.

Ordered delivery speedy under 40min from the time I called in. And it was free! Ordered the fish fillet with caper sauce, tilapia most likely with some capers not really any sauce but it was good. Also ordered 3 soft chicken tacos, they were not the best I have ever had but for the price they were decent. 

I would order again mainly for the price point, free delivery over $10 and the swiftness of the delivery.

Happy H.

Thank you for the kind service ! Enjoyed our Saturday breakfast. Our server had the kindest and genuine smile in his face ! Keep smiling dude !

Jon M.


Food- breakfast burrito delicious very filling with onion bagel lox also amazing!

Service was fast and friendly

The price under $20 is low for BH

Conclusion-Great for breakfast and lunch

Kara L.

Something   You don't see anymore...old fashion coffee shop with a counter. Clean healthy tasty food. Family owned with great care to their customers to please them. We had a Caesar shrimp salad with freshest shrimp and tastiest Caesar dressing so good we kept asking for more and they give us more & more with a smile on their face!
Clean environment very reasonable prices & everything they were serving looked great!

Kevin B.

Received a Groupon so figured we'd try it.  I had the French Dip and my partner got the Chicken Club.  Both delicious meals.  Great food, great service, great price.  We will absolutely return!

Christine S.

I love their Mari-beef specialty and their breakfast. 
I always go to this place during lunch breaks.   
I definitely recommend this place.

Phillip H.

I'm a newbie to this spot. I had business in Beverly Hills and needed a quick bite on the cheap. Mari was the recommendation. This place has a greasy spoon vibe which I love. I wanted breakfast for lunch and was suggested the breakfast burrito. Since it was lunch it would take a minute to prepare a full scale breakfast assault. 
I had the chorizo breakfast burrito. It was the best I've had. Not that I'm an aficionado. 
Chorizo on Robertson? Kind of an oxymoron. And that's precisely why I will come back.

Steph M.

Love it! I order lunch from here every week. I usually get the grilled caesar wrap, which is so healthy and yummy. Customer service is impeccable, good price and a fun little spot for breakfast or lunch.

Michael P.

Want to provide some context to my 5-star rating.  

This is a neighborhood joint.  If I didn't live nearby I probably wouldn't make the trip out here.

That said - for what it is - a diner, it is high quality.  Food preparation is high quality, clean, and tasty.  If you are looking for hit the spot diner food, this is the place.  Especially if you live nearby.  

We had a great experience and plan on making it a Beverly Hills staple.  Especially for lazy Saturday mornings.

UPDATE:  Since this review we've been back a number of times and the quality never disappoints.  Really consistent delicious food.  Well done Mari Cafe!!!